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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Addicted to Fishing?

Are you addicted to fishing?

It’s OK. So are we!

In fact, so are all our friends! And speaking of friends, IT IS OK to make friends on!

Just because you don’t know an angler in real life, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friends with him on FishAddix. Being friends on FishAddix means something completely different.

It means you dig their style… Or maybe you like their reports. Perhaps you find them interesting, or you fish the same places, or catch the same fish, or use the same lures or maybe it just means you’re located near each other and would appreciate benefiting from each other’s fishing reports and live updates.

Whatever the reason, IT IS OK to make friends with anglers you don’t personally know yet. Oh yea, and you should invite ALL your current friends as well!

Maybe you’re having some trouble finding friends? The best way to add new friends is to post all of your fishing reports and catches. Did you know that FishAddix anglers have posted over 8,200 catches so far!?

The benefits of posting fishing reports far out weigh the costs! First of all, it’s free. But maybe you are thinking, it does take some time to post fishing reports. That’s true, it takes about 2 minutes of your time, BUT FishAddix remembers your recently fished places, recently caught fish, and recently used lures so actually once you start adding, it only gets faster and easier!

Maybe you think, I don’t want to give away my favorite spots. Well, first of all you never have to tell exactly where on body of water you are fishing. Even if other anglers start to fish at spots nearby, it will only help you to better understand how to catch MORE fish here or when your favorite spots are heating up! It’s actually better for you when other anglers are posting catches at your spots too.

The other and most awesome benefit to adding your catches is that you can actually see how many fish you catch! Of course fishermen “know” how many, but how many REALLY know, and who actually doesn’t want to know?!? Anglers are strange people; we love to show off and to top personal bests. How about knowing exactly how many fish you catch, per species, or how many you catch at a particular place you fish, during certain times of the year, in certain types of weather patterns? All of this is automatic! THE ONLY thing you need to do is add your catches and the FishAddix machine breaks it all down for you instantly! Oh yea, you can also see how you stack up against other anglers, in your state, or at your favorite places to fish. Who doesn’t want those bragging rights?

So… exactly what were you waiting for again?

James & Joe – Your Fellow FishAddix