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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jones World Sport Fishing scores the first Offshore Grand Slam of the year in New York!!!

Bluefin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, and False Albacore

Captain Ken sailed offshore New York on Saturday with three very pumped and bold anglers.
First-time guest, James Valdez; jetty-man, David Shup, and the "Tornado Reni" proved to be an excellent crew when running offshore for the extremely challenging and prized Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.

Lines were in no later than 7am after a 3 hour long-haul covering 55 miles of open ocean.

By the time we got the first bait down on the planer board and set in the troll putting out more lines, the reel on the Avet 30 wide began singing while strapped to a bouncing broom stick was the first indication that we had found are intended target. Quickly, I handed the rod to Jimmy while the rest of the crew bagan clearing lines. The fish didnt seem too big at first, and Jimmy made quick work of getting the fish to the boat but what Jimmy didnt expect was for the fish to make three knuckle-busting and finger blistering runs right at the boat!!!
With teamwork and some sweat, we brought the 45 inch bluefin into the boat!

Dave Shupp of Sportfish Productions was also quick on the draw and had the one-eyed monster out with lens focused directly on the show!

First mate Rob Reni worked the decks like no other and just before we brought our first tuna over the gunnel, he had hooked up with another fish when he dropped that 200g jig right on the head of another hardtail!

It only took a few seconds to realize that we were covered up and a simple look into the crystal clear blue water showed that a feeding frenzy of three species was occurring directly below us! You could easily see the false albacore sprinting through the water in all directions, while the skipjacks were also mixed in at another layer in the water column. And we all knew that the bluefin tunas were sitting below the other two species just cleaning up the mess!

Quite a few other falsies and skippies were caught and Dave Shupp had a run off on two fish that he couldnt even slow down even with his Van Stall which has up to 20lbs of drag.

At one point while Dave was fighting one of these unseen monsters, the line snapped and with my back turned i said, "Oooo-wee, I heard that line snap just like the sound of a .22 caliber rifle!"

Once the drift moved us off the fish, we got back up on the troll we picked up another skipjack and several more false albacore and circled back through the area a few more times trying to drum up another bluefin.

After working several other areas on the drift, troll, and chunking, we decided that we had had enough of the 3-4 foot seas and turned the bow towards shore, plotted our course, and edged the motors up to 15 knots. within an hour the wind let up, and we upped the speed to 20knots. Within another 30 minutes the seas flattened out , we cranked the motors up to 30 knots and luckily made the ride home the most comfortable part of a 14 hour voyage!

Back at the dock, more high-5's were passed around with all four of us to be happily and finally attached to terra-firma!

To all of my crew yesterday, i want to say "Thank you" for being part of another wonderful and successful day enjoying the best New York can offer!

Photos have been uploaded tonight, and a video will be posted tomorrow so check back then for more updates!

Oh yeah, aparently iI just cant get enough and went out this morning "nearshore" and pulled off an Inshore Grand Slam! Will be posting that report tomorrow since my eyes are burning and i am slumped over in the chair even now as i type this!

Again I say! Encore!

Captain Ken Jones

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rack Up Some Addix Points Without Fishing!

Hey Anglers,

No Points? No Problem! Maybe the weather hasn’t been great around you (we are in hurricane season here in the North East)... or maybe there are too many chores preventing you from hitting your local fishing hole...

Don’t let that stop you from earning some free Addix points and climbing up the ranks!

Here are a few helpful hints on how to increase your rank and level, until the wife lets you out of the house again (and we don’t mean for that trip to the in-laws):

1. Post Places to Fish: 5 points for each pond, lake, river, ocean, or beach you feel like adding... no cap on these points so add your favorite or not so favorite places to fish and rack up some quick and easy points while helping out other anglers...

2. Post a Video: 5 points for each video or Embed a bunch of Videos at 2 points each: Fishermen love watching videos... feed your fellow anglers their visual candies. (The legal department wants us to mention that FishAddix does not condone or approve voyeurism – so let’s keep ‘em clean.)

3. Start A Feeding Frenzy: Rack up points for posting anything that other members decide to comment on... each comment is worth 1 point, 10 comments = 10 points!

4. Dig out those old Pictures: Post pictures and get 1 point each... everyone loves those retro fishing pictures with the overalls, the zebco fishing reels, and those monster sunfish :)

5. Secure yourself some Bonus Points: Each month big time bonus points are awarded to the top anglers. The number 1 bestest most toppest coolest way of locking down those Bonus Points is to be sure to post fishing reports each and every time you go fishing. (10 points per fishing report too!)

There are tons of other ways to get more Addix points too, but we just wanted to highlight some of the quick and dirty ways of making sure your rank and level keep propelling you towards the top.

Tight Lines Everyone!

Joe & James