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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fishing App for the Every Day Angler

When you want to share a video you put it on YouTube.  When you want to tell people where you are, you check in on FourSquare.  When you want to share a thought or idea, you share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Technology is reshaping our lives and making connections between friends and individuals faster and easier.  For us fishermen, it is becoming interchangeable with our daily lives, from fish finders to smart phones, necessary tools of the trade.

When you catch a monster fish, you need a better way to share it with your friends and fellow anglers.  Here at FishAddix we truly believe that every catch matters.  Whether it’s your personal best, the 1st fish of the day or your best trip in months, we enjoy the satisfaction and pride of our catches.  It is the hook that keeps us coming back for more.

We believe that it’s important to remember and retain these memories, our experiences, the time spent on the water with friends, and of course the fish you catch.  Not just because it helps with planning future fishing trips, but because when the weather is bad or the water is iced up, it helps to reflect back on your achievements and catches from years past.  A form of comfort for the land locked fisherman.

The NEW FishAddix IPhone app is designed specifically for the needs of real anglers.  Unlike other fishing apps, FishAddix integrates all the important elements into one fast and simple social application.  It is the fastest and easiest way to share your catches with friends, and the number 1 way to record your catches, fishing trips, and memories over the years.

Coming soon to an IPhone near you…

FishAddix APP Features
  • Record your fishing trips on the go instantly (GPS integration)
  • Preserve your fishing memories (Where you fished, species, size, lure, picture, etc.)
  • 1 Touch instant beautiful sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • Stores and Updates your Personal Bests & Accomplishments
  • Live Updates from other Anglers nearby (GPS)
  • No Subscription Fees