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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rack Up Some Addix Points Without Fishing!

Hey Anglers,

No Points? No Problem! Maybe the weather hasn’t been great around you (we are in hurricane season here in the North East)... or maybe there are too many chores preventing you from hitting your local fishing hole...

Don’t let that stop you from earning some free Addix points and climbing up the ranks!

Here are a few helpful hints on how to increase your rank and level, until the wife lets you out of the house again (and we don’t mean for that trip to the in-laws):

1. Post Places to Fish: 5 points for each pond, lake, river, ocean, or beach you feel like adding... no cap on these points so add your favorite or not so favorite places to fish and rack up some quick and easy points while helping out other anglers...

2. Post a Video: 5 points for each video or Embed a bunch of Videos at 2 points each: Fishermen love watching videos... feed your fellow anglers their visual candies. (The legal department wants us to mention that FishAddix does not condone or approve voyeurism – so let’s keep ‘em clean.)

3. Start A Feeding Frenzy: Rack up points for posting anything that other members decide to comment on... each comment is worth 1 point, 10 comments = 10 points!

4. Dig out those old Pictures: Post pictures and get 1 point each... everyone loves those retro fishing pictures with the overalls, the zebco fishing reels, and those monster sunfish :)

5. Secure yourself some Bonus Points: Each month big time bonus points are awarded to the top anglers. The number 1 bestest most toppest coolest way of locking down those Bonus Points is to be sure to post fishing reports each and every time you go fishing. (10 points per fishing report too!)

There are tons of other ways to get more Addix points too, but we just wanted to highlight some of the quick and dirty ways of making sure your rank and level keep propelling you towards the top.

Tight Lines Everyone!

Joe & James

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