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Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 Easy Tips to Attract More Fishermen!

Google is now archiving pages at multiple times per day! That means that Google is giving the FishAddix website higher priority. That also means that so should YOU!

Don’t forget that one of the best ways to tell more fishermen about your fishing business is to post your fishing reports and pictures on!

By adding content on FishAddix, even pictures or Youtube videos, will create valuable pages, which are immediately archived by and searchable on Google!

5 Simple steps to improve your online presence:

1. Join FishAddix and connect your Facebook profile, this will automatically repost anything you post on FishAddix to Facebook (so you only need to upload reports or pictures once!) – It’s FREE!

2. Start off slowly by adding a few pictures and videos, using the name of your business for either the title or the tags – get some recognition.

3. Significantly increase the value of your (Google) archived pages by posting your fishing reports on FishAddix. The text in your reports (including your business name and number) are then stored on both FishAddix and Google, increasing your web presence and also the value (current and future value) to your potential customers.

4. Add some additional touches by being sure to log all your catches in reports to show your viewers how many fish your catching (its easy to log ALOT, just use the x2 button in the fishing reports).

5. Finish up your profile by keeping current! Daily, bi-daily, or weekly fishing reports are a MUST to keep eyeballs on your business. Pictures and videos added in between will help to keep you current and on top of FishAddix Feeds and fishermen’s minds. The more content you add, the more it reposts to other sites (Facebook / Digg / etc.), and the more valuable and searchable your web presence will be.

For more tips or info, just visit and ask us on the admin profile.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing,

James and Joe

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