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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week In Fishing - What We Learned

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be our new weekly blog. Hope you find it interesting. We are going to share some new & interesting fishing information for you each week. We won't stick to any specific place to fish, instead sharing what we learned & stories about fishing from all parts of the world. The information we share will be from what fellow fishermen are sharing on

This Week We learned:

-Englewood Gulf straight up puts out MONSTER sharks! Black tip sharks and Dusky sharks were the catches of the week, monsters over 200+lbs! Local fisherman Travis Rupe was absolutely EN FUEGO this week!

-You can catch some great Chinook and Coho Salmon in the Vancouver Island area of Canada. This year is expected to be a very good year for fishing again according to local fishing guide Jay Mohl of Clayoquot Ventures

-Troy Life is a flat out beast Florida fisherman. This guy catches fish like crazy everyday! Saltwater bluefish action or freshwater bass action, this guy knows how to catch it all! For saltwater fish, he’s had success using shrimp and clams this week, while worming was the freshwater bass method of choice

-Fillmans Bayou is an amazing fishery in Florida for spotted sea trout, red drum, and pompano. Fishing guide Captain Josh rips these fish up on a regular basis. Shrimp and topwater were his general methods of choice this week.

-Lastly for this week, Strike Zone charters catches some amazing salfish and yellowfin tuna.

Also VERY IMPORTANT to note: “Seth Holl ,the mate on the Strike Zone Too in Venice is heading down to Guatemala for the next few months to mate. He will help a lot knowing a lot of our customers that will be fishing in Guatemala. He doesn't know spanish but he will be sleeping with this fine chic, Rosetta Stone on a regular basis.”

Hahah, we learned a lot of different things this week. What did you learn? Teach and share with fellow fishermen next week!

Joe - FishAddix

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