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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CHIPTY puts the creators of FishAddix in the Hot-Seat

Welcome back Addix! This week I wanted to change things up a bit and I decided that I was going to sit down with the creators of FishAddix and get their feelings on the website and try to see where things are headed in the future. To protect their identities – I have used FAO1 and FAO2 as their names (FishAddix Owner #1 and #2). I really enjoyed the interview process even though it was not conducted face to face (due to scheduling conflicts). I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing the interview.

Chipty: What’s it like owning your own fishing website?

FAO1: You have no idea how many chicks we get just by telling them we own our own cyberspace fishing website. It’s really its own pickup line.

Chipty: Really, that’s kind of hard to believe…

FAO2: That’s because it’s a blatant lie. Yeah, we’d probably be able to pick up more guys than girls anyway (laughter). In all honesty, the site has come into it’s own over the last year and we’re really happy with what we’ve got so far and where we are heading in the future. We are constantly rolling out new things to try and make the site better for fisherman.

Chipty: Haha – that sounds more like it. And I’ll make sure to mention in the blog that you made yourself crack up with your own joke. So who came up with the idea for the website?

FAO2: Well that’s kind of a sticking point between the two of us. And we’ve decided – behind closed doors – that for the purposes of interviews and press releases and such – that we came up with the idea together while we were fishing one morning.

Chipty: Well I’m sure my readers will be angered by that answer – but we’ll move on in the interest of your feelings. What is your favorite thing about FishAddix?

FAO2: We don’t really have a favorite item or application on FishAddix. But we like how dynamic the site is.

Chipty: Keeping with the vague answers I see… I can’t take that one back to my readers so – what do you mean by dynamic?

FAO1: Well for one – the site was designed so that the more information that is entered into the site, on an individual level as well as a community level – the more accurate and more useful the site becomes to everyone. The more people that get involved with the site and post reports and create lakes, the more accurate the site becomes and the statistics start to reveal fishing patterns by themselves.

Chipty: What do you mean, “the stats start to reveal fishing patterns by themselves?”

FAO1: Well, the original idea for the site was that someone, anyone, like you and me, could log onto FishAddix and read reports of lakes in the area. And even if you’ve never fished that lake, you could go there and know some things that have worked for other people under similar conditions. And with the new fishing report structure that was rolled out earlier this year, in conjunction with the ability to follow lakes, reading reports and finding successful techniques has never been easier. And as more people join the ranks of the FishAddix members, and the more people add reports and lakes – everyone will benefit.

Chipty: Alright, well to avoid this blog sounding like a huge advertisement – what other hobbies and interests to you have?

FAO1: I don’t know, what do you want me to say that I like long walks on the beach and baking in my flower covered apron?

Chipty: Only if that’s what you really enjoy – I AM trying to conduct a legitimate interview here.

FAO1: No that’s not what I do in my spare time. Well maybe the baking part is true (laughter). Sorry. I’m a guy. I like the usual guy things – fishing, sports like baseball and football and basketball occasionally, and of course having a beer or 12 with my friends.

Chipty: You said you are always rolling out new things for the site. What’s the next on the list that FishAddix members should look for?

FAO2: Well, we have something really big cooking – but it probably won’t be rolled out for a few months. But the whole FishAddix team is on board that it could be the biggest new thing to hit FishAddix and we really think the members are going to love it.

Chipty: What’s the ultimate goal for you guys as the owners and operators of FishAddix?

FAO1: The goal is to become THE website for anything and everything fishing related. If you want to take a trip to a new lake with some friends – we want to be able to provide previous reports for that lake, bait and tackle shops that are nearby, guide services in the area, and anything you could need or want to know during your trip. And not just for fishing trips, but we’re going to have product reviews and technical advice for fisherman. The options really endless and we keep coming up with great ideas that are going to make our website a one-stop-shopping super site for fishing.

Chipty: Anything you want to say to my readers?

FAO2: Ummm, Chipty is the sweetest blogger name we’ve ever heard of.

Alright, alright… you got me. I made up that last answer. Haha. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. I would like to conduct more interviews in the future – perhaps putting some of the FishAddix members in the hot seat – so if you’d like me to grill one of your favorite members please let me know who and what questions you’d like answered. If you want to be in the hot seat then let me know why you are a good candidate.

See you next time,


P.S. If you have ideas that you’d like Chipty to write about – please email them in to or ATTN: Chipty. Thanks and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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