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Friday, July 23, 2010

Life as a FishAddix - Just Got Easier

Hello Addix! We wanted to encourage you to keep fishing and posting those reports. Over the last several months, the fishing reports have become the central hub for creating, viewing, and learning new information. Our team realizes the importance of making these tools easier and more efficient for our members since they represent the bread and butter (and boy, do we like a full stomach). Well… we’ve made the Fishing Report Tools even easier to use… if you can believe it!

Some of the changes we’ve made, to make your life easier, include the ability to duplicate catches faster, edit catches after you’re entered them, and an easier format for attaching photos to your report so that everyone can see your catches – just to name a few. We’ve even changed the format and layout of the reports to make them easier to enjoy (trip Highlights section)! Check out Keith’s Bonanza here!

The FishAddix team is constantly striving to make the site easier to use by reorganizing information and adding options to make life as a FishAddix easier. We hope you are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and if you have any suggestions, please email them to And stay tuned for more updates as our think-tank and development teams continue to churn out and implement new ideas.

Fish on,
James, Joe & CHIPTY

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