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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spooky Fishing - Chipty's Halloween Edition

Well hello there are you ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and slutty nurses. Welcome back to Chipty’s world and thanks for reading my special Halloween Edition. Now you must be thinking, how on earth can you relate fishing and Halloween, other than, going fishing on Halloween? Well, yours truly has done it. And let’s be honest.. that’s kind of the reason why I write these things and you guys read them (that was quite a pat on the back – yes, I’m shameless).

The Halloween Edition came as a request, straight from the top, and I’ll be honest, the first thing that came to mind was an 18th installment of the ever frightening – and still classic – Jason movies. Jason returns with a fishing rod? Or, “Oh no, Jason Forgot his Tacklebox.” How about a futuristic one where Jason wires all the lakes on the planet with TNT and kills all aquatic life as we know it, which in turn, sours our water sources and eventually wipes out the planet. Alright, sounds more like a Dr. Evil plot but, in any event, I decided not to go the Jason route. Instead, I put together the Top 10 Reasons why Fishing is Better than Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you’re feeling saucy, post your favorite reasons why fishing is better than Halloween in the comments section below. Or as always, email them to me (or suggestions, comments, concerns, phone numbers) at

Top 10 Reasons Why Fishing is Better than Halloween:

10) If a witch (or other strange creature) crosses your path while you’re fishing, you can STAB it and you’ll be the stuff legends are made of.

9) While fishing, treats come in the 3lb variety, instead of individually wrapped.

8) You don’t HAVE TO bring your wife/spouse with you (you can though, ya know, as an option).

7) You get to dress like a tool all year round – instead of just once a year (yeah that means you – in the vest with all sorts of lures attached to it… and that hat… uhhhgggg).

6) If you are fishing, then you’re not at home, so who cares who knocks at the door.

5) You don’t mind seeing the biggons’ (big ones) in fish nets (in fact – you kind of like it).

4) You don’t have to inspect your food when you’re fishing because you didn’t get it from the crack den in the next town that everyone knows about but never mentions.

3) You can still go out and fish when you’re 30 years old and people won’t judge you (or kick you off their porch – not that you’d be fishing on someone’s porch, but you could be).

2) If you say, “lure it,” people don’t think you’re a pedophile.

1) If a sexy nurse/cop/school girl (of age of course) comes and talks to you while you’re fishing, it’s not because they are looking for free candy (although they might be looking for something else – yeah you know what I’m talking about “big guy”……. directions of course).

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the Halloween article. I hope to hear from you guys soon, with comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading.

Fish On!

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