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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Angler Awards

The hottest awards in fishing just hit the red carpet and are live right now!

We’ve decided to up the ante one step further in our quest to bring the entire fishing world under one hood. Angler Awards Titles are now up for grabs! Now you’re probably wondering “what the heck are Angler Awards anyways and why do I need them?” Well let me tell you then… They are the ultimate bragging rights and badge of honor for the everyday fisherman or professional angler alike. See how many awards you can achieve and you’ll get a good idea of how good a fisherman you REALLY are!

Whether you’re out there slugging it out everyday, fishing like a Beast, or in your backyard fishing hole catching nothing but the elusive Tree-fish, there is an Angler Award for you… All you have to do is participate.

What do I mean by participate? I certainly don’t mean you need to log into every 10 seconds for the latest update (although it wouldn’t hurt and some of you wild addicted anglers out there already do).

What I do mean however, is when you come back in from being out on the water, get to your computer and post your fishing report! Put your feet up, sit back, grab that brewski, and just go for it. Post some pictures, watch a few of Mike W’s millions of videos, or maybe invite your friends to your favorite place to fish for an all out may lay winner take all smackdown event, whatever floats your proverbial boat… just participate within the community in a meaningful way and you’ll start collecting your Angler Award Titles!

You already know that FishAddix is the best place to learn about fishing. The community boasts some of the greatest features ever to grace world wide fishing community:
-Log your catches, track your fishing stats, per lure, location, brand
-Compete in the leader boards for top Supremacy
-Share and learn the latest fishing tips
-Find new places to fish and battle your way to the Captaincy like Mike Zerilli!
-Wage war with your friends over top lunker in your local hole
-Pretty much kick ba$$ all day and then show off how you did it

Now get out there troops and earn your keep – Angler Awards!

Top Secret!

Did You Know?
1. FishAddix can keep track and store all of your catches, all time, per brand, lure, weather conditions, location, …forever?
2. Your personal catch stats are stored in your profile under the Achievements Tab and shown in sexy chart formats?
3. You can create or follow your own favorite fishing holes? Invite your friends to follow them too and you can compete with each other for the Top Lunker or Most Catches at each spot in the local leader boards!
4. The Places to Fish page tells you the hottest places to fish right now, Near You!
5. The Lures page lists each of the lure types along with each lures catch stats and tips from other members!
6. You can add quickies right from your profile page using the Quickie Icons? (who doesn’t love Quickies right?)

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