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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Fish Don't Have a Shot: Deadfish Lures and Team Up and the DeadFish Lure Company are proud to announce their formal partnership to promote the sport of fishing to avid anglers everywhere.

Building on top of the first ever multimedia fishing log created by, anglers can now post a report for every fish they catch using DeadFish brand lures.

Anglers will benefit not only from accessing their catches online, but also by discovering new places to fish, connecting with Pros and learning how to catch more fish with DeadFish lures.

Beyond getting real time information on what’s being caught around you, you can also win free Deadfish products and apparel by posting your DeadFish catches in reports!

“We've teamed-up with! The site has really cool tracking info for your catches, pie & bar graph charts to see what lures are catching you the most fish, when & where across a WIDE range of species. Everything is up and running for DeadFish Products, see and start posting your DeadFish catches” says DeadFish Company owner Scott D. Van Osdol.

Learn more here:

Tight Lines!
Joe & James

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