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Saturday, April 24, 2010

That Fishing Feeling

First, let me apologize for my recent absenteeism. Believe it or not, blogging is not my professional career and I do in fact have a day job - a day job that sometimes becomes a night job and wreaks havoc on my personal life. In my defense, I did write an April Fool’s Day Blog (admittedly, it was about a week late) but it was wildly suppressed by FishAddix Top Brass due to sensitive material. And judging by the limited number of views and comments, I’m guessing not many of you read it. I kind of felt like how Trey Parker and Matt Stone feel right now, with extremist groups stifling my creativity. LoL.

Anywhoo, I was perusing through some of the fishing reports and found some inspiration in one of the reports and thus, my topic is, “That Fishing Feeling.” It’s that feeling you get when you’re fishing, you’re out on the water just you and nature, and it’s just terribly difficult to describe to a person who doesn’t enjoy fishing. In fact, there have been many a time when my sexual orientation has been called into question while I was trying to explain this “feeling” to a non-fisherman type. But that’s neither here nor there.

There’s really nothing like being out on the water with a pole in your hand (fishing pole, sickos) and it’s just you versus the fish. Whether it’s warm or cold, sunny or cloudy, the old cliché holds true - a bad day fishing, beats a good day at work. Unless you’re a professional fisherman I guess. They should really make some amendments to that cliché. But then people probably wouldn’t use it. Anyway, I find that the most exciting thing about fishing is definitely the anticipation of a strike. The thrill of something stalking your lure or circling your bait cannot really be compared to anything. But of course, I’m going to take a stab at it anyway. I would consider it analogous to a playoff baseball game where one team is up against elimination and it all rides on one inning. There’s a couple guys on base and the closer is wearing and every pitch seems like an eternity. Or for you football fans, it’s like when your team is making a game winning drive down the field with less than two minutes left on the clock. Or perhaps the best analogy, it’s like the anticipation my readers feel while waiting for my next blog. Yes I wrote that entire blurb just for that punchline. Sue me.

Since the fishing feeling is so hard to describe – I’m not going to try to describe it anymore. Instead, I’ve written a little tune for your enjoyment. It should be sung to the sound of the Righteous Brothers, “That Loving Feeling.”

You never close your eyes anymore because you have no eye lids.
And there’s no fight left in you, because it’s post spawn and you’ve already had your kids.
I’m trying hard not to show it, (baby).
But baby, baby, everyone knows it…

I’ve got that fishin’ feeling,
Whoa, that fishin’ feeling,
I don’t wanna lose that fishin’ feeling,
But it spit my hook… my hook… my hook… wooooh.

Now there’s no welcome look in your eyes when I reach down to lip you.
You shoulda never eaten that lure, it’s from Cabella’s and its brand new.
It makes me just feel like jumping, (baby).
Those people on shore are starting at me fist pumping.

I’ve got that fishin’ feeling,
Whoa, that fishin’ feeling,
I don’t wanna lose that fishin’ feeling,
But it spit my hook… my hook… my hook… wooooh.

Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for you.
I’ll pick you up, and measure you against my shoe.

If I could only catch your mother, yeah.
Or maybe even your big brother.

I had a bite…. over there… now that guy just cast in my way.
I’ll hip check him… in the water… cuz I can’t… let that fish get away.

Baby (baby), baby (baby),
I beg of you please...please,
I need you to bite (I need you to bite), I need you to bite (I need you to bite),
So bite my damn lure(So bite my damn lure), So bite my damn lure (So bite my damn lure).

And bring back that fishin' feeling,
Whoa, that fishin' feeling
Give me that fishin' feeling,
'Cause it's gone...gone...gone,
and I can't go on,

Bring back me back to that fishin' feeling,
Whoa, that fishin' feeling
Bring back my fishin' feeling,
'Cause it's gone...gone... gone…

Just like my hopes and my dreams….

I hoped you enjoyed the tune. It’ll really help if you read it along with listening to the song in the background or listen to the song first so you can get the tune in your head, but I do realize that’s a bit of work. So to help out, here’s a link to the song: .

What did you think of this week’s blog? Can you describe your fishin’ feeling?
Leve your comments here:

Fish On!
CHIPTY (Scrambled acronym for – Cool Penname I Haven’t Thought of Yet)

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