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Thursday, May 13, 2010

FishAddix May 2010 Newsletter

Hi Fellow FishAddix!

We just wanted to stop by and give you a quick update on the community's progress. In case you haven't visited lately, the community is crushing the fish right now! Since January there have been over 500 fishing reports!

In January we started keeping track of all the member's achievements, lunkers and catches. This is an ongoing program we are running with the goal of eventually logging BILLIONS of fish catches across the world and sharing the related information and tips with anglers worldwide. Do you even remember how many fish you caught so far this year? Add your catches to your fishing reports and don't bother trying to remember, we'll do it for you!

So far this year we've already logged 1,539 catches... make sure all of yours are accounted for! If you want to see the latest member catches, just pop by the community home page, the latest catches stream live right across the center of the page!

By the way, there are now 4,169 places to fish up and running, is your favorite body of water being reported yet??

Don't forget about the free t-shirt contest we are running as well! Click here to get your free FishAddix shirt.

For those of you that miss him, CHIPTY will be back in action very soon! Send your favorite topics for him to ponder on and he will humorously entertain you with his wandering thoughts very soon!

James & Joe

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